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  • Free Study and Exam Prep Courses

    It can be tough to find the time to study in ideal circumstances, and many of our students are juggling work and family life while trying to transition careers by attending our classes. We created these courses to ease the burden, and pass on strategies proven to maximize time and effort when studying. They're not required, but strongly recommended if you need a strategy to rely on.

  • Knowledgable Local Instructors

    Our instructors are NJ born and bred, and sat through real estate licensing courses, and built businesses in NJ. We do our best to bring textbook information to life with examples from our careers. We take a non-stuffy, easy-going approach to class, and enforce a strict no-jerks policy. No one claims that memorizing statutes and laws is riveting for 75 straight hours, but it's much more enjoyable with the right atmosphere.

  • Additional Ongoing Support

    We invite students to revisit any classes at any time to refresh before taking the exam. We've also built a comprehensive online learning center with hundreds of flashcards, quizzes and review questions, and study guides to help make sure even the most difficult vocab terms and concepts stick. We also remain available once our students become licensed, in order to help with any issues they face as they build their business as a new agent.

FAQ - License Qualifications

What's required to get a real estate license in New Jersey?

  • To qualify for a real estate salesperson's license an applicant must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school education or equivalency, complete a 75-hour prelicensure course at a licensed school and pass the license examination.

  • After successfully completing the course and passing the examination the applicant must apply for a license through a sponsoring real estate broker. In addition the Commission must be satisfied as to the applicant's honesty, trustworthiness, character and integrity.

  • If an applicant has ever been convicted of a crime, or is currently on parole or probation their application for a real estate license may be denied. See N.J.S.A. 45:15-9, 45:15­12.1 and 2A:168A-1 et seq.

    See N.J.S.A. 45:15-9, 45:15­12.1 and 2A:168A-1 et seq. for details.

  • Screening Questions

    With the exception of motor vehicle violations, have you ever been convicted of a crime, misdemeanor, or disorderly persons offense in the state of New Jersey, any other state or by the federal government, or are you presently on probation or parole? Is there a criminal complaint, disorderly persons charge, a criminal accusation or criminal information presently pending against you or are you presently under indictment in New Jersey, any other state or by the federal government, or are you presently enrolled in New Jersey’s PreTrial Intervention (PTI) program or any similar state or federal program involving the deferral of the disposition or sentencing in a criminal matter? Have you ever had a real estate or other professional license, certification or similar credential revoked, suspended, surrendered in lieu of formal prosecution, or denied in New Jersey or any other state? Do you have a child support obligation on which there is an arrearage due that equals or exceeds the amount of child support payable for six months or are you the subject of a child support related warrant, or during the past six (6) months have you failed to provide any court ordered health care coverage, or have you failed to respond to a subpoena relating to a paternity or child support proceeding? Will you be under the age of 18 at the time you take the examination? Is your highest education level less than that of a high school graduate or the holder of a G.E.D?

FAQ - Tuition and Cost

  • How much does the course cost?

    Our standard tuition for 75-hour prelicensing courses are $399, which includes the self-guided study planning course and self-guided exam prep course and does not include the textbook. The textbook can be purchased from us for $53 in either physical textbook form or ebook form. We also sell the study and exam prep courses separately for $99 each. You can also find the text on Amazon, or borrow a current edition from someone to avoid paying the cost. You'll receive the current edition and book info in your welcome emails. The current edition of the text is required.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    Yes, we offer two month payment plans, with the first payment as a non-refundable depsoit. We require the full tuition to be paid within two weeks or by the time a student reaches the halfway point of the course (32.5 hours), whichever is sooner. If a student is unwilling or unable to pay they will not be disqualified from classes and can join the next scheduled class by paying the balance owed anytime within six months of their start date. Students with a past due balance after six months will be removed from the school rolls, and no refunds will be given.

FAQ - Exams and Attendance

  • When/How do I take the exam?

    Our school is exam is on the last day of class. Students are required to get a 70% or above in order to pass and qualify for the state exam. We allow three attempts to pass the test. Additional attempts over three must be scheduled in advance on the same day that future classes are scheduled to take the exam. You'll receive instructions on the state exam registration process during the course.

  • What's the attendance policy?

    Per NJAC11:5-2.2(s), the attendance policy is as follows: To satisfactorily complete any pre-licensing course a student must achieve a passing grade and attend at least 80% of the session hours required for the course. We strongly encourage all students to attend all classes.

FAQ - Refunds and Withdrawals

  • What if I don't complete the course, or need a refund?

    If you paid in full and you wish to obtain a refund prior to the selected start date (or actual start date if earlier), a $199 fee will be assessed for Pre-Licensing courses. All assessed fees can be used as a credit for other classes for up to 6 months; the remainder will be refunded. All payment plans will be charged and no refunds will be given after your selected start date. If you did not select a start date the next available date in your selected session will be used as your start date. If you cannot attend class your payment will be moved to a credit for classes or books. All requests for credits must be made in writing. If an outstanding balance remains for 12 weeks or more without an alternative payment plan made by the student, we reserve the right to remove the student from the class without a refund of the deposit. All arrangement modifications must be requested in writing and the we reserve the right to refuse a modification. No refunds are given for books or materials. No refunds will be given for Groupon or other third-party selling sites. Third-party selling sites and buyers may not receive additional benefits of free exam prep and study prep courses, but those courses will be available for purchase separately from school tuition. They are not required to pass the school or state exam. We accept credit card payments only. Cash or checks are not accepted.

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