What's Included?

  • Study Strategy Course

    We know how to make the NJ real estate exam easier. It starts with how you prepare. Using techniques and tactics practiced by law and med school students, you'll learn how to build a personal study plan that you can confidently rely on. No stress, no cramming - just strategy and execution. (This is a self-guided course in our online learning center.)

  • 75-Hour Pre-licensing Course

    Our pre-licensing courses are online, taught live via video by NJ Real Estate Experts, just as if we are in a classroom together, and supplemented by an online learning center. After every class session, we send video class summaries and key-point recaps to help you review.

  • Exam Prep Course

    Build the confidence of walking into the exam feeling overprepared, or focus on a specific topic with this self-guided course. Upon completion of the pre-licensing course, you'll gain access to the exam prep course to ensure you're comfortable and confident for your exam date. (This is a self-guided course in our online learning center.)

Ten-Day Fast Track Course

The fastest way to get your real estate license.

Our Ten-day Fast Track Course teaches the information needed to pass the state real estate exam while completing the necessary 75-hours of in-class study (live via video). Study at your own pace with our online learning center. You'll get daily class summaries, study guides, and hundreds of review questions, and flashcards to help you study at your own pace without carrying a textbook everywhere.
taking real estate class notes with others in a coffee shop

Weeknight Evening Course

A flexible, easy to follow evening course for students with daytime obligations.

The Weeknight Evening Course is the best option for working professionals or anyone with daytime obligations who want to get their real estate license in a hurry. We offer the required 75-hours of coursework over time, three nights every week, with flexibility so you can find time during off-hours a couple of days per week. You'll also have access to our online learning center where you can review study guides and class summaries between sessions as well as hundreds of review questions and flashcards from your phone or any computer.
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Flexible Enrollment

Mix and Match any of our classes with

Our flexible enrollment program allows you to mix and match any of our classes to fit your schedule. We'll keep track of your hours to make sure you're on pace to hit the state-required 75-hours, and you'll just have to make sure you've attended classes on the necessary topics. Once you've covered both, it's time for the exam! During that time, we provide access to our online learning center where you can review study guides, class summaries, and hundreds of review questions and flashcards.
man in home office with an open laptop

The Best Curriculum in NJ Real Estate Licensing

Built by locals, for locals.

We are an NJ small business that specializes in teaching New Jersey real estate courses. We offer an interactive curriculum, which includes videos, interactive learning features, and study methods learned from national experts who successfully help med students and law students pass the bar exam. We've adapted their methods to fit our student's needs for the NJ licensing exam, creating both study methods to help you make the most of your time and an entire exam prep course to help you prepare further. Both are included at no extra charge.

At the BlackTree School of Real Estate you'll get:

So much more than just a class and a text book.

  • Live video instruction from experts who have built brokerages, management companies, and a real estate focused law firm in New Jersey. We teach using our experience to bring the text to life with practical application.
  • The ability to study anywhere, and any time with our mobile-enabled learning center.
  • Daily video class summaries that are like having a tutor or instructor with you in your pocket. These concise videos help you review the key topics of every unit covered in the text.
  • No sales pitches, no recruiting. We're 100% focused on preparing you for your exam.
  • Study Strategies to help you based on your learning style, using proven methods for exam preparation.
  • Placement assistance and interview coaching to make sure you have what you need for your brokerage hiring interviews.

Our comprehensive curriculum has you covered from start to finish. We start by teaching expert research traditionally used for bar and medical exams adapted for the NJ Real Estate Exam. You'll build your personal study strategy to maximize your time studying and avoid burnout. Next, we teach engaging live classes via video with a supplemental online learning center so you can review and study from anywhere, at any time. Last, we provide a free exam prep course once the class ends to help you stay sharp until your test date.

Enroll in a course with us, complete the required material and instruction, and you'll pass the exam. If you have trouble, we'll work with you personally until you pass for up to one year.